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Eco friendly soft jute bag

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Eco-friendly sustainable soap bag made from very fine soft jute, designed to wash and exfoliate your skin.

These simple to use soap bags are handmade in India from a fair trade company.

Jute is a plant fibre that is rapidly renewable and very durable, it is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment.

Methods used in the production of jute and its by-products are very eco-friendly and it has a positive impact on our environment.

How to Use

You just grab a slice of soap and slip it inside the bag, and you are ready for exfoliating your skin!

Hang up to dry between use to ensure the soap does not become soft.

As these are handmade, size will show some variation. Approximate size: 15cm x 10cm

(Price shown for one bag; soap not included in price)


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