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Our Beginner’s soap making recipe is a basic formula ideal for first timers to help you produce a mild and gentle soap, suitable for the whole family.

The recipe uses olive oil and coconut oil as they are the most common oils in soap making due to their valuable properties and they can be easily found in the supermarket.

This recipe is ideal for beginners, it will give you plenty of time to reach trace and with the choice of essential oils listed, you will not get acceleration of trace that could lead you into difficulties. It is a very easy formula to work with, it’s vegan and palm free and most importantly very conditioning on your skin.  As you gain more experience and confidence you can easily adjust the formula by adding other oils with different properties.

You can begin your soap-making journey, without the hassle of online research and failed batches. If you have any questions after purchasing this recipe, feel free to email me at and I will be happy to help.

Ingredients you will need: Olive oil, coconut oil, water, sodium hydroxide and your choice of essential oils.

Equipment you will need: A hand blender, plastic bowl, plastic/silicone spatula, soap mould (an alternative plastic container or silicone mould can be found on eBay/Amazon)

What you will receive as a downloadable PDF:

• A beginner’s recipe with easy to follow measurements in grams.

• The formula in soap calculator format so you know exactly how it has been formulated, super fat content, water discount, ingredients in 3 different types of measurements (grams, pounds and ounces). This is a useful reference for the future when you want to introduce other oils and develop the formula further.

• Basic instructions to produce your own soap .

Please note that this is not a beginners soap making course, it is a recipe with instructions suitable for beginners.

If you require a step by step comprehensive tutorial we recommend signing up to our online soap making course.


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