Tea Tree & Lavender Antimicrobial Hand Wash (glass bottle) 200ml


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Our natural hand wash is 100% free from palm oil, SLSs, parabens and synthetic detergents.  Gently cleansing, beautifully scented and packaged in elegant, eco-friendly 200ml glass bottles.

A nourishing hand wash that meets the current demands of additional cleanliness, it is also a perfect product for cooks and gardeners.

Our hand wash has been specifically formulated by our chemist assessor and contains Nourishing Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil and Castor Oil.

Soap is naturally antimicrobial by removing surface contaminations and it has surfactant properties that are chemically damaging to microbes. The instant sanitising effect of soap is augmented by the addition of a blend of Lavender and Tea tree essential oils.

When we wash our hands, it’s estimated that approximately 1% of the product stays on the skin, this is why, what you use to wash your hands does matter.

Our hand wash is part of a new range of antimicrobial products designed in 2020 with the current pandemic of COVID-19 in mind, its formulation and essential oil blend is ideal for hand care, it’s extra cleansing and extra mild


  1. Sharon

    Lovely hand soap. My hands don’t feel dry anymore. I love the glass bottle too!

  2. Anne M

    This soap lathers so well. Despite all the lockdown hand washing my hands still feel soft & cared for. A joy to use. Thank you.

  3. Jane

    Just love this hand soap. Rich and creamy foam leaving skin soft and smooth. Would buy this again. Good value as well.

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